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Thursday, 1 May 2014


I was in the plane, heading back to Sarawak when a guy next to me started to initiate a conversation. I have plane-sick disorder. So I could not pay attention or having my interest in him. But we managed to talk about a few things before I dozed out to sleep. Before we landed, he asked for my wechat and that I have to approve because he was there requesting and looking at me. By forced, I approved it but never attend to his messages and wechats all these while.

Last nite I had a fight with an asshole. I cried and updating my moments in the wechat. So I woke up this morning happened to saw a message from him. I opened and replied. And the conversation lasts but i feel uneasy. He asked me to go for an outing with him and i rejected. I said I am on financial constraint, to which he said, "I asked for an outing. Not for your money. So its all on me." And i was shocked. Normally, any girl would say yes. since  a single would not come out right, but I just don't want to. He insisted.

I went off the topic and he said. "I have been captivated from the first time i saw u. but you didnt give a chance at all. I wonder why. I've been mising you since the first day I met you. You are so cute" And i got chill. I am very much surprised. I was bewildered. How am i supposed to reply? Then he started asking about my boy (the asshole that i hate so much). He "comforted" me. He said i should not be crying anymore. I should move on and bla3. What surprised me even more, he called me "dear". Hell no dude!

I am that type that, if u r not in special relationshit, do not even dare to call me "dear". I hate it. I scolded him, he said he dont care. AT least knowing that I mad at him instead of crying over an asshole is pretty much better.

But throughout the conversation, I feel uneasy. Its like an obsession if you could see that in a way. He is good. The intention to set me free from self torturing is there. But somehow, I feel its inappropriate. Thats why I deactivate my wechat. At least I can run away from all of these for a moment. Having to starve myself, punishing for what I did is I know, not a wise decision. But it makes me feel better. Though yes, I feel sorry. For him. I close my heart for any chance that I could get.

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