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Thursday, 1 May 2014

All of me.

And of all things that hurt me, nothing scars me more than you. The wound is deep. I am cut down to the flesh. It hurts. Throbbing non stop. The blood runs free. I sinked down to the core with every minute that passed. I wish I could cry for help. Draining every tears that I would. But everything paused, stopped. Everything is cramped in my brain. The pain you cause shattered me to pieces. Its like a mirror thrown to floor, broke into tiny pieces. And these tiny pieces cut me worst even just by looking at it. You know, i would love to talk to you. About us. About future. But it fades. It goes away slowly. Like a tv from vibrant graphic to merely a seen image of black and white. I was and am stunned. It all happened too fast. The actions you shown, the denial you gave, its all pushing me toward a grave that I don't realised its existence. How could you hurt me now? I have been loving you that it hurts. That each time I touched your heart, mine is bleeding too. You never know that. You will never know too. Even if it really means the end of us, you would always be at the first chapter of my life. I would always glad to write a new one. But I will start real slow. Because the reality is too harsh on me. 

No one designs my reality. I set it myself. I punished myself. I make it hard though it could be easy. I refrained myself from being happy. I always want to lock myself in a room. And draw. And sing and play guitar. 

I give up. May a new step you took set you free. 

"You are my end and beginning"

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