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Sunday, 25 May 2014


Some things are not meant for us. Some things may not last forever. I have lost my pet, Spotty. I was sad and still grieving deep inside my heart. Knowing him with the Creator up above, I feel at ease.. He will forever be remembered.

It was my last day of examination. I was excited and thrilled to see them (I got 2 dogs). To feel his fur and to stroke his head.. To play with him and everything. Only to find out, that he is dead, suffering from severe tick fever. I cried my heart out. I am only one day left before going home and he could not wait for me. I am sad. Super sad that I even recorded my tribute singing to him..

It reminds me that nothing lasts forever. It serves a reminder that while things are there in front of you, appreciate it. Treasure every moment spent, cherish every minute that you could.

Dear Spotty,
Thank you for being there for me when no one else do,
thank you for listening to my story though you could not talk to me,
thank you for being a comedian when my days are gloomy,
thank you for everything, that the least I could do is pray for you.
I love you.

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